Starting again

Fresh start at the middle of the year is expected right…well only when the first half has been crazy and a person forgets that they have a couple of blogs to post to instead of just on facebook or the occasional twitter tweet.  The last half of 2015 will be great with success stories of what I managed to accomplish on my quilting and perhaps a new viewpoint to offer.  Thanks for reading. Happy Quilting.


So far…

Christmas Ribbon pattern that Tami and I have made up to Row 5 out of 7 or 8 if we have enough fabric.

5 rows

Chevron Quilt

I am currently working on quilting “echoes” into my daughters Chevron Quilt. This one was so easy to put together. The kit came with a 10in layer cake set, binding fabric, and white fabric. I only had to cut the white down to 10in pieces and match them up to the layer cake squares and cut them in half. The rows came together in one day.

All layed out and ready to sew.

All layed out and ready to sew.

My daughter even had picked out fabric for the back without knowing that is would be used for her quilt. 20140701_170022

However I am struggling with the quilting lines…someone keeps trying to help me out. IMG_20140713_182701 20140713_182813

I am hoping that I will be able to finish it up this weekend so she can use it on her sleepover. Wish me luck.

Happy Quilting.

It’s Done!!!

I finished it!!  It’s been bound and just this weekend I brought myself to wash it. I also picked up a pack of iron-on quilt labels, that will go on tonight. It’s then ready to be used, as no pieces fell off in the wash :D. Just in time to show it off at the quilting weekend where I am going to start the next one.  I need to take a completed photo for you to see the backing fabric, which turned out to be perfect for the quilt top and all it’s colors.

Oh, and don’t worry, I’m not done quilting. I have 5 more to start along with attempting an applique wall quilt that I bought in Michigan. Wind in the Whiskers Pattern Set by McKenna Ryan. I love cats and am looking forward to having something soft on my walls.  Here is a link to the set but you can search for it anywhere. I bought “Don’t be Koi”. I just can’t start out with an easy pattern.

Happy Quilting!

Putting it together

I have finally got the courage up to start in on the quilting process myself. A new learning experience, another first for this quilt. I has certainly challenged me with putting new blocks together and color matching. Now for the actual quilting. I’ve watched and rewatched videos on walking foot quilting and free motion quilting. Both “scary” but you have to start somewhere. The experts say “just need to jump in and go”, so I started with the walking foot. Doing a nice easy center square and then outside squares, there not to scary when you get started. Now for the design part. Making Diamonds on the first sashing. It went well considering how big this quilt is but as long as I took my time it was all good. The outside sashing, in picture, went ok. A few of my Diamonds are a little squished but i’m ok with that, learned something again. 😀

Quilting my Diamonds in the outer sashing area.

Quilting my Diamonds in the outer sashing area.

To finish off the border HST, I thing I will try the free motion. Nothing fancy just block w/in blocks. I might even get brave enough to quilt around the flowers in the center medallion area. I’m thinking they need to have a little more to hold it all together.

This was a long project and it feels good to be so close to the end. I can see myself taking a nice long nap wrapped up in it.

Until next time, Happy Quilting.

Quilt top done!

I finally was able to edit my image of the quilt top down to a manageable size for posting. According to McCall’s website this is a “lap size” quilt, however it fits pretty well on my Queen size bed.  The backing fabric I picked up from and I think it’s a good fit for how crazy this quilt is.

DSC_2708_edited-2web  MIMQback


Now to put it all together. 😀

Blocks and more Blocks

This quilt top has so many different block types. A great experience/challenge to make them. Here are a couple that were fun to make.

20140510_123736 IMG_20140510_150735_nopm_

Here is the quilt top as I started putting the rows together.

IMG_20140517_172829_nopm_ The cat getting into the act also.

With a little more time and some patience with the stretchy Half Square Triangles, all those pieces transform into a fully completed quilt top.

20140522_214004-1 20140522_211848

Now to complete the transformation with batting, backing, binding, and simple quilting….to be continued.


Make It My Way Quilt Top

This is about the quilt top I am making through McCall’s Quilt A Long. It’s been a challenge as I am a new quilter. There are some blocks and pieces I am liking, others not so much. I will grab some photos and bring you along on my exploration of this beautiful quilt piecworld.
– Happy Piecing!