I am a person of many talents, at least I think so.

I juggle life around my beautiful daughter, my husband (when he needs it), my cat, my dog, and my snake. I have recently found I LOVE quilting, so when time allows, between home and work, I Quilt.

My crafty side is comprised of scrapbook creator, card making, crochet, photographer embroidery-not to often, trying to not kill any houseplants or the ones in the garden. OOh that could be another blog post :D….ok, maybe a little ADHD or really good at avoiding stuff, like housework. I really should add “Dust bunnies” to what I take care of. LOL.

I study Yoshinkan style Aikido at the Shuharikan Aikido Dojo. http://www.shuharikan.net/Shuharikan_Saint_Paul/Home.html

I am not a perfectionist, my house is well used and sometimes projects go unfinished for years. Please comment if you wish about anything on my blog.

My alternate blog is https://trenasadventures.wordpress.com where I intend to share some travel stories but might throw in a tidbit about whatever strikes my fancy.



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