I didn’t get to everything this year and was very surprised at how “little” I had done.  I have not done as much blogging about quilting this year as I had hoped, 2016 should bring more of my projects to life as I now have a better understanding of how to “post” but will keep learning and making mistakes.

Here is the list of what I did accomplish for 2015

  1. Card Trick, Top only. I was going to add photos of The Musketeers from my favorite BBCA show and that delayed me to the point of not doing it at all.
  2. Round Robin #1, Top only. Features a Black and White cat for the center and then following people in the party add boarders.
    rr block 1
  3. Round Robin #2. Paper Pieced Cat on 3 blankets. My first time doing Paper Piecing. It was very interesting.
    2015-06-08 16.18.33
  4. Round Robin #3 was started but has not come home yet. Kitty in Purple.
  5. Downton Abbey Mystery Quilt from Ebony Love’s website “English Manor”. It was fun using various fabrics I had around the house trying to keep it red and blue based so it wouldn’t get to wild. Then I had it quilted on a “big” machine that I rented from Just Sew Studio. It took about 3 hours to quilt it but it’s all done and on my bed.
  6. Then there was a special request from my daughter for a Watermelon Pillow, not just in watermelon fabric. that would have been easy. Final result from the very fuzzy fabric, she loves it.
  7. Applique pillows for my parents RV to replace old ones from 5 or 6 years ago.
  8. Halloween table runner. I love Halloween, my favorite holiday. I had fabric and didn’t know what to do with it at a quilting weekend.
    2015-10-25 16.22.50
  9. Wedding table runner and 4 placemats. embroidered date of my stepson and new wife wedding date.

    They love them.

  10. Pot Holder sets for Christmas. 1 Leaf, 2 circles, and 1 square. A first for me as well using special heat reflecting batting.
    2015-11-23 18.52.49
  11. Also scrap bag holders, made 2 of them.
    2015-10-24 13.27.11
  12. Log Cabin Pillows, made 5 sets for Christmas gifts
    2015-12-16 18.19.29

So not a ton of actual quilt tops done but lots of quilting being done. Lots of trying new items to quilt.

I hope that 2016 brings you great quilting times.

Tell me what you have done new this year?


About Trena

I am a person of many talents, at least I think so. I juggle life around my beautiful daughter, my cat, dog, and snake. I LOVE quilting, so when time allows, between home and work, I Quilt. I want to write a novel, join me on my journey, oh and I run.

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  1. These are beautiful, Trena!

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