I finished it!!  It’s been bound and just this weekend I brought myself to wash it. I also picked up a pack of iron-on quilt labels, that will go on tonight. It’s then ready to be used, as no pieces fell off in the wash :D. Just in time to show it off at the quilting weekend where I am going to start the next one.  I need to take a completed photo for you to see the backing fabric, which turned out to be perfect for the quilt top and all it’s colors.

Oh, and don’t worry, I’m not done quilting. I have 5 more to start along with attempting an applique wall quilt that I bought in Michigan. Wind in the Whiskers Pattern Set by McKenna Ryan. I love cats and am looking forward to having something soft on my walls.  Here is a link to the set but you can search for it anywhere. I bought “Don’t be Koi”. I just can’t start out with an easy pattern. http://www.nancysnotions.com/product/wind+in+the+whiskers+pattern+set.do

Happy Quilting!


About Trena

I am a person of many talents, at least I think so. I juggle life around my beautiful daughter, my cat, dog, and snake. I LOVE quilting, so when time allows, between home and work, I Quilt. I want to write a novel, join me on my journey, oh and I run.

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