I have finally got the courage up to start in on the quilting process myself. A new learning experience, another first for this quilt. I has certainly challenged me with putting new blocks together and color matching. Now for the actual quilting. I’ve watched and rewatched videos on walking foot quilting and free motion quilting. Both “scary” but you have to start somewhere. The experts say “just need to jump in and go”, so I started with the walking foot. Doing a nice easy center square and then outside squares, there not to scary when you get started. Now for the design part. Making Diamonds on the first sashing. It went well considering how big this quilt is but as long as I took my time it was all good. The outside sashing, in picture, went ok. A few of my Diamonds are a little squished but i’m ok with that, learned something again. 😀

Quilting my Diamonds in the outer sashing area.

Quilting my Diamonds in the outer sashing area.

To finish off the border HST, I thing I will try the free motion. Nothing fancy just block w/in blocks. I might even get brave enough to quilt around the flowers in the center medallion area. I’m thinking they need to have a little more to hold it all together.

This was a long project and it feels good to be so close to the end. I can see myself taking a nice long nap wrapped up in it.

Until next time, Happy Quilting.


About Trena

I am a person of many talents, at least I think so. I juggle life around my beautiful daughter, my cat, dog, and snake. I LOVE quilting, so when time allows, between home and work, I Quilt. I want to write a novel, join me on my journey, oh and I run.

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